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Reiki elder Leslie Saffer is Patkhanit Tara Anenkaya (from the Aramaic/Assyrian meaning “Precious Door Opener”). Her years of study with indigenous teachers have grounded Tara Anenkaya in a profound respect for all life, an awareness of and sensitivity to subtle energies, a pervasive spirit of gratitude and a spiritual breadth which enrich her life and strengthen her teaching. As a woman descended from the ancient, indigenous Assyrian culture, Tara Anenkaya seeks to encourage and uplift, to spark discovery, illumination and progression through the wisdom of the Ancestors.


The Reiki energy

Used alone or in combination with other modalities, Reiki is a form of energy work that supports us in healing ourselves and one another, our animals, our communities and our Mother Earth.

The word, “Reiki” is from the Japanese meaning “Universal Life Force”, the energy within us that characterizes and connects all life. With ancient roots, this modality has many benefits and has been shown to be especially helpful in addressing stress, physical pain and emotional issues.


Through certification classes, the Reiki practitioner experiences an “attunement” process that allows the individual to channel the energy and transfer it to a person, animal or place to promote healing on all levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Treatments may be delivered in person or from a distance.

Living with Spirit

In addition to offering Reiki certification, Leslie/Tara Anenkaya has taught spirituality classes to empower students to meet the challenges of living productively, vigilantly and joyfully in an “upside down world”. (link)

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The publication, Healing Spirit, presents inspirational and educational material in newsletter form, addressing individual and collective concerns within a holistic understanding. (link)
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Reiki Classes


Certification for Reiki I (for beginners), Reiki II (advanced) and Reiki III (Master teaching level) classes incorporate empowering teachings of indigenous elders to lift veils, inspire, challenge, invigorate and activate students to make individual and collective contributions towards mending the “Sacred Hoop of Life” while experiencing and sharing the gift of healing.


Leslie/Tara Anenkaya's approach to in-person and long-distance treatment encourages clients to claim their power through active participation in their healing beyond treatment, itself, by continuing to work with the material that surfaces during a session.

Reiki in the Community

Over the years, Leslie has delivered interactive presentations on energy healing and Reiki at Barnes & Noble as well as countless community venues for adults and children. She was one of three body work practitioners in a complementary therapy study for patients at the Yale Cancer Center in the early 2000s and has provided Reiki during surgical procedures in an urban hospital setting.

Observations about Leslie/Tara Anenkaya

“… a nurturer who helped me find my own voice.”
Micki Balaban

“… I left the session feeling very empowered and energized … I awoke with a rejuvenated attitude about life.”
Jan Borelli

“… enormous heart, insight and a wonderful sense of humor. I walk more deeply in my life as a result of this experience.”
Barbara Valentine

“… Leslie played a big role in getting me started on this path of healing.”
Donna Sommer

“… totally present, with the greatest respect … love and deep reverence.”
Janice Buszta

“… an inspiration, a great sharer of all her wisdom and positive energy… the experience led me to form more meaningful relationships and appreciation for the world in general.”
Susan Reynolds

“… I always feel inspired … and I always learn something new!”
Lorena Melgar

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